Q-box Fiberglass Niches 3070

Q-box Fiberglass Niches 3070

Patented System:
Practicality Accuracy and Fast assembly.

Ossari in vetroresina 3070

The Q-Box is an innovative system designed and patented by Giuseppe Bosisio Srl to build prefabricated Niches in the cemetery in a very short time. Instead of using cement, the Niches are assembled simply and quickly using a new material with surprising features: fiberglass.

The prefabricated Niche Q-Box takes shape by assembling 3 structural elements in fiberglass, allowing to realize modular alveolar structures. The Q-Box optimizes space in the cemetery and considerably reduces the weight of the structure on the ground.


cm 30x30x70 (base x height x depth) internal free space

Each Niche weighs about 10 kg

Anti-seismic structure, waterproof , resistant to salt fog

The structure is self-supporting and is fixed to the ground with steel screws and dowels

White Carrara Marble series; request any marble or granite

Thanks to its small size and to the practical interlocking system, it can be mounted anywhere: in a stairwell, in narrow corridors, chapels and even outdoors

It allows 2 people to install 100 Niches in 2 days, without any discomfort in the cemetery, as they do not use mortar, cement or welds and therefore do not produce dirt, dust or dangerous conditions for visitors to the cemetery.

40 Q-Box without marble, weigh 305 kg and are transported on a pallet measuring 80x120x120 cm


32.5 x 32.5 x 80 cm (center line) weight 20 kg internal free space complying with Regulation 24/6/93 n. 24

Horizontal panel:
the horizontal panel in fiberglass, used for the realization of the support surface of the box, has dimensions 31.5 x 76 x 2 cm , weight 3 kg. The end the panel is U -shaped in order to allow interlocking with the vertical panel.

Vertical panel:
the vertical fiberglass panel has dimensions 33 x 76 x 2 cm , weight 3 kg. The “teeth” on the ends of the profile allow a self-locking system to “clips” to put the structure in a position to have a self-alignment aligned and correct. The central hole is equipped with a threaded bush to allow the positioning of the supporting studs of the marble slabs.

the fiberglass cover, used for the rear closure and as a front seal, has dimensions 31.5 x 32 x 2 cm , weight kg 1. It is equipped with a hole for the passage of the electric cable and handle to facilitate the opening of the Niche.

External Finish:
The structure is completely covered in glossy white Carrara marble, 2 cm thick or other marble/granite chosen by the supervisor.
The front gravestones in White glossy Carrara marble, 2 cm thick, are supported by the horizontal panel made in fiberglass and blocked by bronze studs of circular shape, diameter 3 cm.
The plinth in White glossy Carrara Marble, thickness 2 cm, height 10 cm, is fixed to the structure with bronze studs of circular shape, diameter 3 cm and sealed with silicone.
The vertical side panels in glossy white Carrara Marble, 2 cm thick, are fixed to the structure with round bronze studs, diameter 3 cm and sealed with silicone.
The horizontal upper infill in Glossy White Carrara Marble, thickness 2cm, is fixed to the structure with silicone.

necessary only if the Niches are outdoors, replaces the upper horizontal infill which only has an aesthetic function.
The veil in glossy white Carrara Marble, thickness 2cm, height 10cm, is fixed to the structure with bronze studs of circular shape and diameter equal to 3 cm and sealed with silicone.
The upper cover is made of sheets of polished Serizzo, 3 cm thick, sealed with silicone.

made oupn request by our specialized personnel, can make a few hundred cells in just a couple of days without any discomfort inside the cemetery, as no mortar, cement or welds are used and therefore no dirt, dust or dangerous conditions are created for non-professionals.